Navigate the SureDesign help system

The help system for the SureDesign program contains instructions on creating custom target enrichment designs, searching for custom and catalog designs, and getting pricing information on designs.

Click the Help link on any SureDesign screen or dialog box to open the help system. The help system automatically opens to the most relevant topic based on where you are in the program.

You can navigate the help system window from the Contents tab or the Search tab.

·        On the Contents tab, use the table of contents on the left side of the window to browse the chapters and topics within the help system.

·        On the Search tab, type a search word into the field and click GO to find the help topics that contain the word. If you type multiple words into the field, the program will list help topics that contain all of the words. Use quotes to search for a complete phrase (e.g., "custom design"). You can also use the Boolean operators AND and OR to find topics that contain more than one search word (e.g., custom AND design), or topics that contain any one of multiple search words (e.g., custom OR design).

The help system contains the following chapters:

·        Getting Started in SureDesign - Contains help topics to familiarize new users with the software and provide instructions for getting started with SureDesign

·        How-To Help - Provides step-by-step instructions on how to use SureDesign – including how to create, find, and share custom designs and how to manage your SureDesign account.

·        Reference Help - Describes some of the algorithms and other reference information for working in SureDesign.

·        Policies, Data Security, and Terms of Use - Contains information on Agilent's policies, including policies on privacy, data clean-up, and data security.


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